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Tax checklists

Tax checklists

To ensure that you have all the required information for your appointment, we have prepared a series of simple printable checklists.

Please use "All clients" plus any other lists that apply to you.

Tax checklists for businesses

Additional information for all clients

Track your refund

Track your tax refund

If you e-filed your tax return and requested a direct deposit, you should receive your refund within one to three weeks.  


If you mailed your tax return and requested a check, it may take six to eight weeks to process. 


The IRS will start accepting and processing individual tax returns at the end of January.  If you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit on your tax return, the IRS cannot issue your refund before mid-February.


Some tax returns require additional processing resulting in refund delays. 


You can check on the status of your federal refund by clicking on this link:

Check amended return status

Check your amended return status

Amended returns cannot be e-filed, only mailed in, so it can take up to 16 weeks for them to be processed.  Check the status of your Form 1040-X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, for this year and up to three prior years by clicking on this link:

Request your tax transcript

Request your tax transcript from the IRS

If you file your returns on time and meticulously keep all your tax return documents, you may never need to pull a tax transcript. However, tax transcripts may be necessary for a number of reasons including the following:

  • You haven’t filed your taxes in previous years and don’t have all your income and deduction documents;

  • Your college may require it when you apply for student aid;

  • Mortgage companies usually want at least one year, and often two years,  of tax returns;

  • Federal Health Care Programs (like Medicaid or CHIP) or Housing Assistance programs may want to see your tax returns.


Tax transcripts contain all the major information you need from a tax return. Transcripts don’t look exactly like the forms you filed for your taxes. Instead, they just contain direct information.


There are five types of transcripts you can request from the IRS:

  • Tax Return Transcript: Shows most line items from your original tax return, but doesn’t show subsequent amendments.

  • Tax Account Transcript: Shows personal filing information plus AGI, taxable income, payment types, amendments, tax debts and payments.

  • Record of Account Transcript: Combines Account and Return transcripts.

  • Wage and Income Transcript: Shows data from information returns we receive such as Forms W-2, 1099, 1098 and Form 5498, IRA Contribution Information. Current tax year information may not be complete until July. 

  • Verification of Non-filing letter: Proves that you didn’t file in a given year.


Please follow this link to request your transcript:


If you fail the required identity verification checks, and can’t get your transcript directly from the IRS, Blue Jay Tax can help.

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